Monthly Archives: May 2012

Introduction To Blog

Welcome to our chemistry blog.  We teach chemistry at the college level and have worked with elementary, middle school, and high school students.  We are also married.   There is plenty of time for us at the end of the day to discuss chemistry and teaching.     We just finished up a very busy spring semester and have already started the summer semester.   I am teaching a college chemistry course and Jerry is teaching a chemistry course for middle course teachers and will be teaching preparatory chemistry in the second half of the semester.  At the end of each semester Jerry and I recollect both the highs and lows of each semester and try to figure out what teaching methods work and what don’t.  We both agree that teaching can be discouraging at times but the big payoffs come from our students’ successes.  We believe that there are many other teachers like us that experience both the joys and frustrations of teaching.  In our blog we hope to create a forum to share these experiences.

Happy Teaching!!