Monthly Archives: May 2014

Chemistry Lab Page Created

We have created a chemistry lab page. The activities on this page can be used in the classroom or even at home. Most of the activities include everyday household chemicals. If you cannot obtain enough materials for your students you can always use these activities as demonstrations. These activities are also great for homeschooled students. Each lab activity will include a list of materials needed, a procedure, safety tips, and the chemistry involved. The activities are meant to reinforce chemistry concepts taught in the classroom or at home. The activities range from elementary school level up to basic high school level.

Videos on Buffers have been Posted

Please check out our new videos on buffers. Here we cover how to calculate the pH of a buffer solutions using and ICE table. Next we calculate the pH of a buffer using the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation. We then move on to the calculation of the pH when sodium hydroxide has been added to a buffered solution.

Determine the pH of a Buffer: Part 1
Determine the pH of a Buffer using the Henderson-Hasselbalch Equation: Part 2
Determine the pH After the Addition of NaOH to a Buffer: Part 3

Equilibrium Videos are Posted

Below are the links to our videos on equilibrium. First we start with manipulating equations to determine an overall equation and equilibrium constant. We then move on to converting between Kc and Kp. Next we work with equilibrium constants and balanced equations. The last 6 videos cover many types of equilibrium problems that you will encounter in a General Chemistry Course. Please click a title to watch.

Calculate an Equilibrium Constant
Determine Kc for an Overall Reaction
Equilibrium Constants and Balanced Equations
Convert Between Kc and Kp
Solving Equilibrium Problems Part 1
Solving Equilibrium Problems Part 2
Solving Equilibrium Problems Part 3
Solving Equilibrium Problems Part 4
Solving Equilibrium Problems Part 5
Solving Equilibrium Problems Part 6