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Chemistry Study Guides For General Chemistry 1

We are now creating study guides for General Chemistry 1. These guides are meant to be a supplement to your textbook. The study guide topics are presented in the same order as in most general chemistry text books. The study guides include exercises with both answers and worked out solutions. Some of the guides include interactive quizzes. Links to videos will be posted to each corresponding guide. We hope to finish the general chemistry 1 study guides by mid August. We will then start on General Chemistry 2 study guides. After that we will create Organic Chemistry Study guides.

Check out the General Chemistry 1 Study Guide List

Please let us know if you have suggestions or questions. Just fill in the comment box below.

New Interactive Chemistry Quizzes

We have added a self-quiz feature to our website. The quizzes are on many different topics and are interactive. The quiz problems are in different formats: matching, multiple choice, fill in the blanks, drag and drop, etc. We believe the quizzes will help students prepare better for lectures, quizzes, and exams. The quizzes will cover very simple topics to the more difficult topics in chemistry. The quizzes are not meant to be a substitute for homework, but will complement homework problems. Most of the quizzes will cover the very basic concepts in chemistry. Please let us know what you think of the quizzes by commenting below, and we will continue to add more daily.

We have now added Chemistry Tutorials

As requested chemistry tutorials are being added under Chemistry Help. At this time we are working on more tutorials to supplement the videos. We should have a nice assortment of tutorials by the end of September 2013. The tutorials will focus on problem solving in chemistry and math. Each tutorial will list one or more suggested videos. We will still produce the video tutorials that many prefer. In the near future we will post self-tests and quizzes with the tutorials and videos.