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Videos on Buffers have been Posted

Please check out our new videos on buffers. Here we cover how to calculate the pH of a buffer solutions using and ICE table. Next we calculate the pH of a buffer using the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation. We then move on to the calculation of the pH when sodium hydroxide has been added to a buffered solution.

Determine the pH of a Buffer: Part 1
Determine the pH of a Buffer using the Henderson-Hasselbalch Equation: Part 2
Determine the pH After the Addition of NaOH to a Buffer: Part 3

Equilibrium Videos are Posted

Below are the links to our videos on equilibrium. First we start with manipulating equations to determine an overall equation and equilibrium constant. We then move on to converting between Kc and Kp. Next we work with equilibrium constants and balanced equations. The last 6 videos cover many types of equilibrium problems that you will encounter in a General Chemistry Course. Please click a title to watch.

Calculate an Equilibrium Constant
Determine Kc for an Overall Reaction
Equilibrium Constants and Balanced Equations
Convert Between Kc and Kp
Solving Equilibrium Problems Part 1
Solving Equilibrium Problems Part 2
Solving Equilibrium Problems Part 3
Solving Equilibrium Problems Part 4
Solving Equilibrium Problems Part 5
Solving Equilibrium Problems Part 6

Our New Courses to Prepare Students for University/College

We are excited to announce that we will be offering courses in the physical sciences and in math for students that need to prepare for university/college level courses. As we all know, many of our students are not prepared for college courses. Many of them end up paying out their hard earned money on courses that they fail due to not being properly prepared. In August 2016, we will offer courses that will prepare students for university/college level academics including beginning math, beginner algebra, intermediate algebra, trigonometry, pre-calculus, basic chemistry, basic physics, basic biology, etc. Our goal is to offer these remedial courses so that potential college students can acquire the knowledge they need to succeed in a university/college environment. These courses will be geared towards the home schooled student, high school students, international students, and non-traditional students. One example of a non-traditional student is someone that is pursuing an education after working in a particular field for many years and desires to pursue the education required to work in another field. We find that math and basic science is where many students are lacking the necessary background to succeed in university studies. Our courses will focus on basic math and science. Courses will include video lectures and interactive recitation sections as well as assessments via quizzes and exams. Yes, you can find free online videos that will explain many topics. But, they do not include assessments and customized lesson plans, and most importantly they are not structured like a high school or university/college course. We believe that students need structure and feedback in order to be successful. This is not possible by only watching online videos. We will let you know when the courses become available. We can’t wait to see what you think about them!!

Chemistry Olympiad 2014 Registration is Open

Registration for the 2014 Chemistry Olympiad is now open. Teachers please register your students by February 28, 2014. The local exam will be administered at Cleveland State University on March 15, 2014. For more information on the 2014 Chemistry Olympiad, please click here. Parents that home school their children, please contact Dr. Anne O’Connor for details. If your school does not participate in the chemistry Olympiad, please contact us so we can get you registered.

News at Pathways to Chemistry

It has been a busy summer, and fall semester is now looming ahead. We are excited about the upcoming General Chemistry Symposium in March 2014. We already have lined up several guest speakers, and we are planning many workshops and talks. More to come later!! We are still working on the newsletter from the last symposium and hope to have it out by the end of August. The Chemistry Olympiad will be held again at CSU in March. We hope to see more schools and home schooled students participate in the next olympiad. We plan to relax for the next few weeks (while working on the newsletter) and then it will be back to work!! We are excited to start a brand new fall semester. Don’t forget the forum is open to all to discuss teaching challenges and anything else that relates to teaching.