General Chemistry 1 Lecture Videos

These links are to lectures from Dr. Jerry Mundell’s General Chemistry 1 course at Cleveland State University. Lecture videos will be added daily. Click on a title to view one of Dr. Mundell’s lectures. The lecture videos are original recordings. They have not been edited.

General Chemistry 1 Lectures Fall 2015 Semester
Relative Mass, Atomic Number, and Isotopes

General Chemistry 1 Nomenclature Lecture Video

General Chemistry 1 Review of Ionic Compounds Review

General Chemistry 1 Review of Ionic Compounds Review

Reaction Calculations Including Percent Yield and Limiting Reactant

Stoichiometry and Limiting Reactant Lecture

Aqueous Ionic and Covalent Compounds, and Molarity

Dilution and Introduction to Precipitation Reactions

Precipitation Reactions, Solubility Rules and Introduction to Acid-Base Reactions

Acid-Base Reactions

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