Preparatory Chemistry Problem Videos

These videos show how to solve example problems for both Preparatory Chemistry and General Chemistry. Most of the problems cover some basic fundamentals in chemistry. Summary videos are also included for most of the topics. Click on a video to watch. Videos are sorted by topic. The videos correspond to the example problems found in Preparatory Chemistry: Concepts and Applications, Jerry Mundell and Anne O’Connor, Van-Griner Publishing, 2017.

What is Chemistry? (Chapter 1)

Video 1: Distinguish Between Physical and Chemical Properties

Video 2: Describe solids, liquids, and Gases in Terms of Volume, Shape and Particle Organization

Video 3: Phase Changes

Video 4: Determine the State of a Substance at a Given Temperature if given MP and BP
Chemical Bonding and Structure (Chapter 5)
Video 1: Valence Electron Configuration When Atoms Gain One or More Electrons

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