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CHM 278 REEL and CHM 338 REEL
Fall 2015
Tuesdays  or Thursdays
Additional time slots will be available

CHM 278 (REEL) and CHM 338 (REEL) are being offered in Fall 2015 to General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry students. CHM 278 is a two credit hour lab course that fulfills the CHM 267  (General Chemistry Lab II) laboratory requirement while CHM 338 fulfills the CHM 336 (Organic Chemistry 2 Lab) laboratory requirement.
Under the guidance of the instructor, you, the student, will be engaged in every aspect of the project—literature searches, experimental design, implementation, data analysis, and presentation of research results.  This is an excellent opportunity for you to learn to develop lab and research skills while being involved in a real environmental research project.  You will be trained in the latest methods and instrumentation.  

Both chemistry majors and non-majors are encouraged to enroll in the REEL Lab.  The REEL experience is a great addition to your resume.

Students comment that working on a REEL project
is both rewarding and fun!!

Sign up Now, Limited Seating Available!!

If you are interested in enrolling in CHM 278 or CHM 338 and would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Dr. Anne O’Connor, Chemistry Department
Office:  SI 328   Phone:  216 687-3931

More information about REEL will be posted on the site very soon. Past student projects, information on potential student projects, and student evaluations of REEL will be available.
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